About the Client

The client is a Central Asia based startup and has approached Perfomatix team create a taxi booking application similar to Uber.

The three major users of this platform would be the rider, the driver and the admin.

Hence, different applications had to be created to meet the client expectations. The client leveraged Perfomatix iOS and Android app development capabilities.

About the Project

The project is to develop a complete taxi booking platform which is similar to that of Uber.

The platform should be able to provide – Multiple mobile platform support, with real-time tracking of drivers, surge pricing, intelligent fare calculation, heat maps for high activity areas for drivers, rider and driver ratings.

The taxi booking platform required mobile apps for both driver and ride-taker & admin portal to onboard drivers, manage users and key dashboards.


The following are the features required for this taxi booking platform;

  • Customer should be able to select the pickup location from the map
  • View available taxis nearby and the driver details
  • The customer should be able to track the taxi on the map and receive the estimated time of arrival, the estimated rate, terms and condition of using the service
  • Customer should be able to select the destination from the map
  • Multiple payment options -using credit card, cash by hand
  • Send the journey details as message to predefined numbers
  • Advance booking of trips
  • The passenger can add their favourite driver and option to block a driver to avoid hiring the same driver if the user had an unpleasant experience
  • Should be able to call or to chat with customers or with admin, if required
  • Customers can view journey history, this is an important feature to evaluate the driver, which will enhance service reliability.
  • Application show surge pricing during peak
  • Customers should be able to submit feedback on driver, cab or regarding application


The online taxi booking platform requires a customized approach to the popular cab booking applications, basic features were first identified by our analysts and then additional functionalities were narrowed down. 

Basic features of the passenger app include:

Register/login: email and/or social media login option, accounts, credit cards, payment processing

  • Register/login: email and/or social media login option, accounts, credit cards, payment processing
  • Booking interface: a screen to enter the address to call a taxi to, select a cab type (or specific driver), set a location for pickup
  • Tracking: to track driver’s location, to make updates during or after a ride, etc.
  • Price calculator: to check the estimated cost of a ride from point A to point B with certain cab type even before ordering
  • Payments: cashless and in-app, paid automatically via credit card, users receive an invoice to phone and email, or just plain cash
  • Push notifications: to keep users updated on order status, estimated time of taxi arrival, and other details like car model, license plate, etc.
  • Messaging, ratings & reviews, booking history.

Basic features of driver app include;

  • Register/profile/status: with identity verification and approval by an administrator, plus online status and schedule
  • Booking: with options to accept or deny the incoming order, info on customer location and destination of a ride visible instantly, plus booking history
  • Push notifications: for order alerts, taxi booking data (location, payment, route, etc.), for order updates and/or completion
  • Navigation: using Maps to get optimal directions to a customer and to his destination, could be voiced
  • Cost estimation, reports, messaging, support.

Admin application has the following features;

  • Onboard drivers and verify their accounts information
  • Manage users and complaint redressal of customers
  • Dashboard with all key functionalities including location analysis of users and drivers.

The Solution

After analyzing the requirements from the customer for the application, Team Perfomatix came up with a high-level functionality platform.

The user roles are:

  • Rider
  • Driver
  • Admin

The Components are

  • Android and iOS application for rider
  • Android application for driver
  • Web application for admin


Rider App

Driver App

Admin Screen

Architecture Diagram

Technology Stack Used

Web JavaScript, jQuery
Mobile iOS, Android
Backend NodeJS
Database MongoDB
Hosting Amazon Web Services and Billur

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