About the Client

A client approached Perfomatix app development team to build a grid based board game for NFL, NBA and College Basketball games.

The social betting app allows users to add their images to the grid and winner is decided based on the scores at the end of each quarter or game.

The technology is developed to make betting simple and also to add more fun since a user can add an image to the grid from Facebook, Twitter or Contacts.

About the Project

A complete social betting app platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • Choose square by a number between 0-9 horizontally and vertically
  • Pick a friend to add to the square from Facebook, Twitter, Photo album and Contacts
  • Choose live NFL game for the week
  • Auto choose winners based on the score for each quarter
  • Share the squares with your friends through social media or email

The Solution

A complete Social gaming and TV commerce were custom built for the client with the following components.

  • iOS mobile application.

Technology Stack Used

  • iOS – Swift

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