About the Client

The company aims to deliver experiences and opportunity for users to gain something while browsing. The client wanted a reward generating portal, where visitors get paid for their presence and attention. The product is a tool for a new way to value attention, connecting users, content creators, and advertisers. They aim to create a niche in this segment, where the users finally get rewarded for sharing their visitng data, while remaining completely anonymous.

About the Project

The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:

A web portal and reward solution for visitors, while remaining anonymous. The tool will help content creators to gain insights about the experiences generated by it. The project required three components to be developed;

  • Web portal for Admin
  • Web portal Super Admin and website visitors
  • Reward solution

The Solution

After careful analysis of the needs and requirements of the customer, Team Perfomatix came up with a high functionality solution.
The solution includes the development of a web portal for Admin, Super admin and a reward solution for the visitors.

The Admin and super admin module have features to manage users, manage rules, manage coupon codes and manage redemption. The visitor module includes features for signing up via social networks and collecting reward points based on user performance.

The overall system consists of 3 basic components.

  • Client Module
  • Analytics Engine
  • Loyalty Management System

Client Module: Client module is responsible for gathering information from the web browser and or mobile app. This component will be a JavaScript SDK which can be added to the web application.

This component collects the following user interaction data:

  • Clicks
  • KeyStrokes
  • Page Entries and Exits
  • Logging user interaction timeline
  • Referral Links and Incoming/Outgoing Vectors

The component will be authenticated for use by a key or Token that can be generated by a platform owner once signed up for using the service.

Analytics Engine: This module is responsible for processing all the information sent from the client module.
This will be a REST API based application deployed in the cloud that is capable of processing real-time data at scale.

This component consists of the following:

  • Security Layer to Authorize incoming requests
  • Module to fetch and update rules set by the admin
  • Process each request according to the rule set
  • Write back the results from user interaction data to the Loyalty Management System

Loyalty Management System: This component will provide the option to set loyalty points and supporting rule set for the admin, along with managing individual loyalty monitoring and modification. Users can register and track their loyalty points and redeem them on the basis of options set by the admin.

The component consists of the following:

  • Security Layer to authenticate users and Role Management
  • Login and 3rd party sign-on integration module
  • RuleSet Configuration module
  • An individual User Management module
  • Analytics Metric Module
  • Loyalty Offerings Management Module

Technology Stack Used

  • Front End – Angular js
  • Back End – Node js
  • DB -MySQL

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