About the Client

An innovative health tech company which provide the solutions to practitioner or doctors to reach more patients and reduce the operating cost. The client is developing a software platform which can be used by physiotherapist and patients for remote rehabilitation purpose. The aim of developing this platform is to make patient and doctors connected through the digital medium at any time and any place. The client leveraged Perfomatix app development capabilities in healthcare software to create the solution for a patient management system.

About the Project

To enable the remote rehabilitation, the client needed a complete solution which could solve the following use cases:

  • Separate login for both patient and doctor
  • Doctor can add/edit/remove the patient’s detail
  • Doctor can invite the new person to join the session
  • Enabled live video call facility
  • Integrated with Unity Humanoid System powered by Unity
  • Live Multi-streaming of Unity Humanoid Movement
  • Advance appointment for patient using calendar booking
  • Inbuilt different motion sensors
  • Pre-recorded Sessions of Unity Avatar movement for patients
  • Push notification for each activity, events, and Sessions

The Solution

A remote rehabilitation patient management system was custom built for the client with the following components:

  • Native Android application for physiotherapists
  • Native Android application for patients
  • Data Sync application for Android

Technology Stack Used

  • Android – Java, XML, Unity
  • Backend – Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate
  • Database – MongoDB

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