About the Client

ATOM is a customer engagement and conversion platform which helps e-commerce and other web based businesses to improve customer connect and to provide a personalized customer experience.

ATOM is a complete e-commerce website and a complete cloud based solution which provided a personalized customer experience.

The client wanted to leverage the development capabilities of Perfomatix to develop a real-time customer interaction analytics platform.

About the Project

ATOM needed a complete (real time customer interaction) platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • Complete cloud based solution
  • Create customizable triggers
  • Support proactive chat
  • Support push notification
  • Support targeted surveys
  • Support targeted offers
  • Use feedback forms
  • Track customer demographics
  • Capture actionable analytics
  • Mobile apps to track users who are connected

The Solution

A complete customer experience management was custom built for ATOM with the following components:

  • Web application

Technology Stack Used

  • Front End – AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JQuery
  • Back End – Java Spring
  • Database – MongoDB
  • Hosting – AWS

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