About the Client

A Singapore based registered firm who is developing a doctor appointment booking system platform for patients which simplifies the process of booking an appointment with a doctor.

Accessing health record and reports is a pain point for doctors and the patient after the appointment.

The technology allows the patients and doctors to view the health records, reports and health statistics from anywhere, anytime.

This will also ease the process of maintaining and updating the medical history of patients for a better understanding of the medical practitioner.

The client leveraged Perfomatix capabilities for the design and development of online doctor appointment system

About the Project

This project is to resolve the tedious process of finding a specialist doctor, booking the appointments, data tracking & maintenance of records.

Client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • Online doctor appointment booking system platform for patients.
  • Fully updated information about doctors.
  • Search doctors as per the need of patients.
  • Maintaining and updating the medical records of patients.
  • Global patient search option by using Name, Phone number or Email-Id.
  • Tracks the schedule of doctors and fetches the information live to the patient.
  • Doctors can view the patient’s record anytime, anywhere.
  • Various types of reports and charts in different formats to track the patient’s health status.

The Solution

The optimized solution for booking appointments using online booking, maintaining records and simplifying the communication between the doctors and the patients was built for the client with the following components:

  • Web interface for Patients
  • Web interface for Doctors
  • Web interface for Admin

Technology Stack Used

  • Frontend – AngularJS, HTML5, CSS
  • Backend – Java Spring MVC, MySQL

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