About the Client

A complete solution for convenience stores in Gas stations. The technology is developed to help the customers who can order their everyday items directly from the kiosks in the gas station and pay by swiping their card and also helps the gas station to improve their revenue from the convenience store. The platform provides the easiest way for the store runner to manage their orders using iPhone/Android app.

About the Project

To make the shopping experience easy when filling gas at the gas stations. The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • Admin for creating/managing product categories and also to manage the account of each store
  • Listing of products from multiple categories
  • Ordering products using kiosks mounted near a gas pump
  • Reward points for the customer on each purchase
  • Receipt of each purchase through SMS
  • The customer can add tips to each purchase
  • Product recommendation for customer
  • Store runner can manage orders including claiming and fulfilling
  • Store runner can access individual accounts

The Solution

A complete customer experience management was custom built with the following components:

  • iPad application – for the kiosk
  • iPhone/Android application – for store runners
  • Web application – for store admins

Technology Stack Used

  • Frontend – BlazeJS
  • Backend – Meteor JS
  • Database – MongoDB

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