About the Client

A  non-profit organization is a unique forum that unites global manufacturer, logistics provider, freight carrier, law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from the international supply chain. The technology is developed for promoting worldwide security standard and to have a database of freight crime occurring against the industry and its members.

About the Project

For aligning the company or organization with an internationally recognized leader in the fight against cargo crimes the client, needs a complete solution which could solve the following cases:-

  • Login through LinkedIn
  • List of general announcements, Events, Training, Certified sites and members
  • Incidents Information Service (IIS) incident reports
  • Placement of ads and sponsorship banners
  • Push notification for each incident and all other announcements
  • Different payment options for membership/training/conference fee
  • Supports different geographical languages
  • Extremely user-friendly interface

The Solution

Built a fully customized solution to fight against cargo theft with the following components:

  • Android Mobile Application
  • iOS Mobile Application

Technology Stack Used

  • Front-end – Ionic & Apache Cordova
  • Back-end – WordPress with API
  • Database –  MySQL
  • Middleware – Laravel

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