About the Client

A platform that allows users to offer products and services at the last moment for any reason and consumers to buy those goods and services at a discount or premium (as the case may be). The purpose of the project is to target the last-minute business opportunities that remain unsold or are soon to be expired.

About the Project

The project is to develop a Web and mobile Application which could be useful for selling the unsold product and services just before it gets expired. The client needs a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • Admin to manage consumer and Seller activities
  • A consumer can switch his buyer account to a seller if needed
  • A consumer can set preferences based on category and location
  • Preferences based detailed ads post view
  • Seller/consumer can post reviews and comments
  • Sellers can add different items for different categories
  • QR Code generation to make a secure payment
  • Different subscription plan for posting ads

The Solution

The fully customized platform was built for the client with the following components:

  • Native Android App for consumers and service providers
  • Native iOS App for consumers and service providers
  • Web Application for  service providers
  • Web Application for consumers
  • Web Application for admin

Technology Stack Used

  • iOS – Objective C, Swift, XCode
  • Android –  Java, XML, Android Studio
  • Frontend – AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS
  • Backend – Java, Spring

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