About the Client

The client has developed a product which is a thumb-sized device that incorporates WiFi and CEC protocol to allow the user to track and control television use and power control. The device has cloud connectivity allowing data and commands to be accessed worldwide from any internet connection. The motto behind the project is to offers a simple and easy way to gain TV viewing insights through the smart devices or online. The client leveraged Perfomatix capabilities as a top app development company to create this solution.

About the Project

The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • Provide statistical reporting of TV Usage.
  • Alert the current status of television and when it has been disconnected.
  • Connect and use the platform on a variety of platforms.
  • Receive notifications by email, text, or notifications.
  • Combine wifi and CEC protocol.
  • Track and control media usage using mobile apps

The Solution

A complete IOT based platform for TV insights was custom built for the client to meet the specific requirements. Following are the highlights of the solutions.

  • Web application
  • Mobile Application

Technology Stack Used

  • iOS
  • Particle SDK

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