About the Client

The Ark Labs a Florence, Alabama start-up that is developing technology to combine artificial intelligence with smart devices and the internet of things to monitor and control residential and commercial water usage. The technology will help to boost water efficiency, reduce insurance claims due to water damage, and reduce demands on local water supply and wastewater treatment facilities.





About the Project

Ark Labs needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • Connect an IoT enabled flow meter to the water pipes.
  • View the water usage data over Cloud, consumed through a mobile app.
  • Develop intelligent anomaly detection tool to automate actions based on that.
  • Automatically shut off the flow when the user does not respond to alert.
  • Learn flow patterns using machine learning and predictive analytics.
  • Regularly capture the flow rate and transmit relevant information to the analytics engine.
  • Control water flow meter from the web and mobile application.

The Solution

A complete IoT based platform to save water was custom built for Ark Labs, with the following components.

  • Web application
  • iOS App
  • Android App

Following are the highlights of the solution.

  • IoT enabled water flow meter was created using ultrasonic water flow meter to integrate with Particle board.
  • Native mobile apps were built using iOS and android framework.
  • A multi tier architecture was developed using NodeJS.

Technology Stack Used

  • Front-End – AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, BootStrap
  • Back-End – NodeJS, StrongLoop
  • Database – MongoDB
  • Hosting – Amazon Web Service
  • Android – Java, XML
  • iOS – Objective-C
  • Analytics –  Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Elasticsearch

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