About the Client

The client is an autonomous institute that provides training for adult educators and undertakes research in adult learning within the Training and Adult Education industry.

They are committed to deliver quality programs that encourage and build the required competencies centered on evidence-informed learning design principles, tapping on learning technologies, and focused on workplace relevance.

About the Project

The scope of this project is to develop a SaaS Personal Virtual Assistant that can assist corporate organizations, employees as well as self learners to improve quality education using digital tools with the combination of dialog system.

By using digital tools, create a more interactive and interesting environment for the learners.

This automated Intelligent Personal Assistant  has the ability to access information from a variety of online sources and can perform tasks, or services, based on a combination of user input, and location awareness.

  • Natural Conversation: Intelligent Personal Assistant can understand and respond to complex questions. It recognizes the intent of the user’s inquiry, personalizes the responses based on context, and troubleshoots the problem using conversational strategies when answering social questions, and even becomes a live chat agent when need be. The user can create reminders, ask questions and even type anything they want by speaking to the program
  • Calendar & Meeting Reminder: Intelligent Personal Assistant schedules meetings & appointments reminders instantly on behalf of the user. IPAs also help the user remember everything they have set to remind them and send the user via notifications. This software can set alarms to tell the user of an upcoming course or task.
  • Automation: Help to automate most of the essential functions that the user wants.
  • Recommending: They can recommend courses and career pathways to the user. The user can find whatever they need including shops, hospitals and more with a swipe or tap.
  • Smarter Learning: Artificial intelligence technology uses both machine learning and natural language understanding, which allows it to obtain industry-specific knowledge and unique business data and thus can do marketing for an enterprise.
  • Integration: They can be set up in any digital channel instantly or later on. IPA also integrates into the human-assisted engagements by either consolidating with an unseen coach or transferring all relevant data when switching to live chat, to ensure that the user experience is never disturbed

The Solution

The complete solution for Intelligent Personal Assistant for Virtual Learning with a high-level functionality is developed with the following components:

The user roles as per requirements are as follows:

  • Employees/Trainee
  • Organization Admin
  • Super Admin

The components of the platform are as follows:

  • Mobile Application with Chatbot for Trainees
  • Web Application for Organization Admin 
  • Web Application for Super Admin

Technology Stack Used

Module Recommended Technology Stack
Mobile  React Native 
Frontend Angular
Backend NodeJS/Loopback
Database PostgreSQL
Hosting AWS
Chatbot Creation Dialog Flow 
Mail  Mailgun
  Image Upload Amazon S3

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