About the Client

The client has a hospital chain which provides healthcare facilities to patients.

They also provide health coverage plans, home health, and hospice services, physical therapy and rehabilitation services, and other specialized services.

They needed a hospital documentation software platform leveraging the skills of Perfomatix in healthcare software development.

About the Project

The client had a basic documentation tool which is used for all the documentation purposes in the hospitals.

They needed to upgrade this hospital documentation tool to an interactive and SAP enabled platform.

The major use cases involved in this project include;

  • Integration of hospital documentation tool with SAP, MediSpan, and UpToDate.
  • Development of UI and addition of functionalities to hospital platform.

The Solution

Built a complete supply chain solution with the following components:

After understanding the client requirements, our team came up with a solution to upgrade the primary documentation tool for this hospital chain.

There are two integration points where:

  • A set of web services will be provided by SAP that can exchange data between SAP and the tool
    The user interface will be presented to the users as a UI building block (UIBB) inside SAP ishMed SmartUI (user interface).
  • The Electronic medical record solution is integrated with the existing SAP solution.

The data integration includes SAP API integration, data synchronization, and data mapping.

The addition of other functionalities to the hospital platform like medication selector, medication reconciliation support, citation handling, error handling is also considered in the development phase.

Technology Stack Used

  • Front End – .Net
  • Database – MySQL
  • DevOps – Jenkins
  • Testing – Selenium

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