About the Client

The client wants to leverage the development capabilities of Perfomatix to build a tracking app to find food trucks currently serving near a user’s location.

The purpose of developing the food truck tracker app is to help consumers in searching the food truck with all details so that they can buy their favorite foods using the mobile application.

About the Project

The project is developed to solve the tedious process of searching available food items, order management, and order tracking for a customer.

The food truck tracking application needs a complete solution which could solve the following use cases:

  • A consumer can view and filter nearby truck with different food categories
  • Location-based search for nearby food truck
  • Customers can track the truck, and get all details of the vehicle using GPS
  • Push notifications for ordered food items
  • A consumer can select different food items from various trucks
  • A trucker can update the food items
  • Update of preparation time of food to the consumer by push notification
  • Current Location update of a food truck

The Solution

The fully customized solution for ordering food item from a truck was built for the client with the following components:

  • Mobile Application for Consumer
  • Mobile App for Trucker

Technology Stack Used

  • Frontend –  Ionic, Javascript, AngularJS
  • Backend – Node JS
  • DB – MongoDB

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