About the Client

The client is developing a technology which will help families in organizing their activities. Families can use this platform for scheduling events, extended family and friends can subscribe to event feed via their app to stay updated. The main purpose of developing this technology is to synchronize the activities of the family in an organized manner so that no events can be missed. The client leveraged the app development capabilities of Perfomatix to create this solution.

About the Project

The project is to make a customized e-commerce app designs, with a monthly subscription to showcase the products or services of an individual/trader’s. The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:-

  • Registered member can be child, team or coach
  • Invitation of a member through Push/Email
  • Detail view of multiple events with a custom color display
  • Push notification of events to all connected members
  • Location based time zone checking
  • Updated list of upcoming events in account’s time zone
  • Google Map integration to search direction, nearby food, nearby hotels
  • Add/Edit/Delete of events with push notifications to connected members

The Solution

To handle details such as multiple children, multiple sports, map to the facility, the time needed to leave, push notifications for changes, and weather at the location was custom built for the client with the following components:

  • iOS mobile application for User
  • Android mobile application for User

Technology Stack Used

  • Front End – AngularJS
  • Back End – NodeJS, AWS Lambda
  • Database – MySQL
  • Authentication – Cognito

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