About the Client

The client has an application that unifies monitoring, event management, and machine learning to provide actionable IT Operations Analytics. The Application thus helps to manage complex IT environments.

About the Project

The Client wanted to build an underlying technology stack to support their IT Service Management application.

Challenges faced

  • Build a system that can handle large volumes of incoming data from various source and process these data sequentially
  • Reuse existing codebase that the client had developed & was integrated with a third-party stack, to build a new stack.
  • To migrate existing functionalities to the new stack without affecting user experience.

The Solution

We developed a fully automated data processing architecture using Kafka & AWS for the client, thereby ensuring increased customer satisfaction by solving issues faster using the following stack.

  • Remote agents capture the events from the monitoring integration sources and write to Kafka.
  • Kafka acts as a message broker and passes the information to the relevant rule engines.
  • Rule Engines define their rules/criteria for analyzing the issues or events.
  • Data from agents are automatically processed with rules stored in rule engine & stored in AWS database instances.
  • Separate AWS instances are created for each client within the cloud

Perfomatix followed a high velocity, highly transparent development process with continuous product releases ensuring faster time-to-market & Real-time code integration.

Technology Stack Used

  • Front-End: Angular 4
  • Back – End:  Loopback – NodeJS
  • Database: MySQL
  • Kafka and Docker
  • Infrastructure provisioning – Jenkins, AWS

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