About the Client

The client has a cancer diagnostics tool with highly trained and experienced pathologists. They use AI for image processing and have an intuitive dashboard that provides annotations on high-resolution histopathology images, patient history as well as decision support systems for diagnosing cancer.

About the Project

The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:
To enhance the existing platform for medical collaboration and share details of diagnostic information of patients. The development included the option to add annotations to diagnostic images, add patient history and store the data in a database

The Solution

Built a complete supply chain solution with the following components:
The enhancement of the existing platform and the development of the tool that allowed to add annotations to the diagnostic images and highlight annotations. The solution also had other features for adding, displaying patient summary from the database.

  • Login
  • Annotations – Add annotations to diagnostic images
  • Patient History – Add Patient History and store in Database
  • Summary – Add Patient History Summary
  • Patient History – Display patient history details from the database
  • Highlight annotations – Highlight annotation details while hovering over annotations

Technology Stack Used

  • Front End – JavaScript ,JQuery
  • Back End – Node js
  • DB -MongoDB

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