About the Client

The client is based out of Singapore and developing a solution that can solve the problem of manual maintenance and inspection data of rigs and pipes of Oil and gas industries through automation. It is a condition-based inspection process whereby inspection data is collected via a tablet inspection application, on offshore platforms, remote yards and workshops across the world and made available to asset owners through a web-based platform. The program, therefore, requires a back-end application so that legacy data, manual data entry, and editing can be achieved. 

About the Project

The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • Prioritizing the raw inspection data collected by the different sources.
  • Predictive analysis based on the available data.
  • To determine the exact point of fracture or degradation in the pile/rigs.
  • To predict the age and the level of degradation of rigs/ pile through the data analysis.
  • Handing and prioritizing the huge amount of data that is fed to the system after the proper inspection by the teams.

The Solution

Built a complete supply chain solution with the following components:

A fully automated solution is developed for the client which includes the development of a web application for the Super Admin to manage rigs/ clients/ service providers(Admin) and Sub-assembly for rigs.

They also have access to update the legacy data into the system. The platform will also have web applications for the Service Providers(Admin), through which they could manage their clients, create a project and manage the employees.

Also, a web application for the Project Engineers through which the PEs can define equipment details and describe the QCPs for each manage teams and generate reports. This application will also have access for Supervisor, they will allocate the inspection to an inspector based on their competencies.

An android tablet for Inspector is also part of the platform and using the Android application the Inspector users can track and record pending inspections and can be used to complete the data collection for inspection

Technology Stack Used

  • Front-End – Angular 5, HTML5, CSS, BootStrap
  • Back-End – JAVA
  • Database – MongoDB
  • Hosting – Amazon Web Service
  • Android – Android SDK, Java, XML, Android Studio

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