About the Client

An early-stage startup to help people tackle their to-­do lists every day (Home improvements, Events, Automobile, Health, Wellness and more) by delivering custom, job-specific quotes from qualified, interested and available professionals and hire the pro that’s right for them. A web-based application provides a marketplace where people can come to connect with local service pro’s, compare and hire one for virtually any service they need.

About the Project

The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases.

  • Admin App to Create Role-based users, Approve or Reject the Seller’s, View Service Request and its Status, View Reports of Seller v/s Category, Manually link Services Request to Seller, Batch Job–Email alerts
  • Service App to Register, Login, Quote for Request, Chat with a consumer, Edit profile, Public URL Generation, Get Review, Email and SMS Alert
  • Consumer App  to Create Service Request, Chat with Seller, Hire the seller, Cancel Service Request, Write Review, Email and SMS Alert

The Solution

A complete aggregator for professional services was custom built for the client with the following components:

  • Web application for Admin
  • Web Application for service providers and Consumer

Technology Stack Used

  • Frontend – AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Backend – Spring Hibernate
  • Database – MySQL

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