About the Client

A social enterprise, with the aim to support family caregivers and their elderly with home care support, while at the same time providing employment opportunities to single mothers with young children. The client aims to recruit younger Singaporeans as “Coddlers” who are able to provide elder care services to seniors who require them. It would like to address the misconception that elder care service is one of low job worth and envisions that becoming a Coddler is a plausible option for anyone who hopes to make a career out of providing elder care. The client leveraged Perfomatix app development capabilities to create the solution for this senior care project.

About the Project

This project is to develop a search engine for those who are looking for Coddler/Care seeker into their nearby geographical location. The client needed a complete platform which could solve the following use cases:

  • Single platform for both Coddler and Care seeker.
  • Need-based time slot booking.
  • View Coddler/Care seeker Details and geographical location.
  • List of Correct match of Coddler/Care seeker.
  • Rating, Review and adding of text Comments for both Coddler/Care seeker.

The Solution

The complete solution of Coddler and Care Seeker was built for the client with the following components:-

  • Web Application for Coddler, Care seeker and Admin.
  • iOS Mobile Application for Coddler and Care seeker.
  • Android Mobile Application for Coddler and Care seeker.

Technology Stack Used

  • Frontend – ReactJS
  • Backend – Python, Django
  • iOS – Swift
  • Android – Java, XML
  • DB – PostgreSQL
  • API Layer – Django

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