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Artificial Intelligence

How Intelligent Automation Can Magnify Operational Efficiency

The astronomical volume of data produced and the nosedive in the price of commodity hardware have led to the rise of cognitive computing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), whic...

App Development
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What factors determine the cost of developing a mobile app in 2021?

When you are on the hunt to buy something, there is one question that will keep playing in the loop in the back of your mind. “How much does it cost?” For most individuals and businesses, this is the first piec...

UIUX Design
Artificial Intelligence IoT Machine Learning UI/UX

What Designers Must Know About Machine Learning

Designing is a creative pursuit. It is a work of art where hues and patterns come together to create a visual that will speak volumes without mentioning a single word of text.  What does a creative pursuit like...

How Machine Learning can boost predictive analytics
IoT Machine Learning Product engineering services

How Machine Learning can boost predictive analytics

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence — the more prominent cognitive computing technology that has become the priority for more digital enterprises. Google, Facebook, Apple, Tesla, and Netflix...

Mobile App Development Trends That Will Share Mobile Experiences in 2021 and beyond
App Development Artificial Intelligence Cloud Cross-platform app development Internet of Things iOS Machine Learning UI/UX

Mobile App Development Trends That Will Share Mobile Experiences in 2021 and beyond

The future does not happen overnight. It happens when we least notice it. It gives signals with patterns and changing behaviors that we take for granted. A year ago, we would not have thought mobile apps will e...

Best Security Practices in Web Application Development
Web Application Security

Best Practices for Security in Web Application Development

Do Web Applications stand the risk of External Attacks? Web application security is an essential factor in web application development. According to the State Of Application Security, 2020 by Forrester, web app...

Perfomatix is the best mobile app development company that builds excellent native mobile apps.
App Development

Key Aspects to Consider before building Native or Hybrid Mobile Apps

Excerpts from the conversation with Dhanil Ramakrishnan, Senior Mobile Developer for Tech Talks @ Perfomatix. Tech Talk with Perfomatix, Ep 3 : Key Aspects to Consider before building Native or H...

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App Development Cross-platform app development Flutter Tech Talk

Diving Deep with Flutter

Excerpts from Ep.2 Tech Talks @ Perfomatix with Vipin V and Aravind Vijay, Mobile App Developers at Perfomatix. Flutter is an open-source mobile UI framework developed by Google f...

App Development Company
App Development Business Enterprise App development Web App development

The Rise of Web Apps | App Development Company

Excerpts from the conversation with Liju Pillai, CEO – Perfomatix for Tech Talks @ Perfomatix. Tech Talk with Perfomatix, Ep 1 : The Rise of Web Apps Even with new devices...

7th Foundation Day 01
News & Events

Celebrating 7th Foundation Day of Perfomatix! Virtually!

Each of us at Perfomatix waits eagerly for the 15th of August to celebrate the foundation day. The day is usually full of joyous party vibes, games, and cultural events, and we get to connect and enjoy the day ...

AGILE Business


Governments in many countries are taking stringent actions to contain global COVID-19 pandemic. Strong measures, such as putting in place a lockdown on most activities, have shown promise in controlling the cor...

product engineering services
AGILE Product engineering services


The Agile methodology is intended to simplify complex projects – IT operations or software development use the methodology for a High-Velocity Product Development. Agile set of policies and values that or...

Augmented Reality


Augmented reality superimposes digital content and information onto the physical world. They can bring virtual experiences into your everyday spaces as if you have a real-time experience. AR opens up new ways f...

machine learning development company
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

TOP TRENDS IN DATA ANALYTICS | Machine Learning Development Company

Data is the new currency, that is an indisputable fact when it comes to customer-centric businesses. In this blog, we are discussing a few data and analytics technology trends that will have significant disrupt...

Product Engineering Services
Business Cloud Internet of Things Product engineering services

Significance of integration platforms in Industry 4.0 | Product Engineering Services

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is about connectivity and integrating technology in to our communities and industries. Emerging technologies are aimed at digitizing industries — cloud computing, 5G, IoT ...

App Development Business

Why do you need a remote development team?

Hiring a remote development team is not just about the cost savings it can offer. More organizations are ready to hire remote developers to gather a larger resource pool, gain a competitive edge in businesses b...

logistics software

How digitization impacts the Logistics industry? | Logistics Software

Most industries in the world are undergoing tremendous changes, transportation, and logistics (T&L) are also adapting to the changing times. Changing the present processes brings in a lot of risk and opport...

app development companies
App Development Flutter React

React Native vs Flutter | App Development Company

The frameworks for mobile app development like Flutter and React Native are making app programming easier and bring the cross-platform features to enable development across various domains. Flutter was launched...

Product engineering services

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

In today’s world, business processes are highly complex. They require extensive training, supervising, and monitoring to maintain accuracy and security while keeping the cost as low as possible. Robotic p...

offshore software development
AGILE App Development

5 things to consider before hiring a remote dedicated development team | Offshore Software Development Company

Remote development teams are basically outsourced innovation labs nowadays, that work as a technology service provider. Most companies are currently looking for technology partners who can elevate them and add ...

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