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Is DevOps the Next Generation of Agile?

DevOps is not a tool or a technique, but it could be termed as a highly efficient cultural change. Change is often feared and avoided by most organizations, and the adoption of new methodologies can be quite ch...

Internet of Things

A guide to choose the right IoT software development platform

IoT has become a mainstream technology with vital potential for advancing the lifestyle of modern societies. Internet of Things (IoT) has undergone a rapid transformation with rapidly expanding internet-connect...

Top 5 Javascript frameworks for 2020
Angular App Development React

Top 5 JavaScript frameworks for 2020

Choosing the right JavaScript framework from the plethora of available platforms is a tedious task. Here, we focus on the frameworks for client-side development. Our top choices include React, Angular 2 (or hig...


AWS Lambda Best Practices

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of Amazon Web Services. It is an event-driven computing service which means it runs code in response to events and automatically manage...


AWS vs Google Cloud vs Azure

Continuous technological growth has skyrocketed the demand for cloud computing services. Businesses and individuals are making use of the added advantages of Cloud. Advantages like better storage space, increas...

AGILE for Smooth IT Operations (1)

Why Agile works for IT?

Most organizations are trying to adopt Agile in their daily functioning, for different objectives – it could be to develop products and services, or to gain operational efficiency. The Agile manifesto was...

App Development Flutter

Google Releases Flutter 1.12, moving closer to its vision of ambient computing.

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for crafting interactive, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. On December 11, 2019, Flutter 1.12 was released at the Flutter ...

2019 TECH REWIND blog
App Development

2019 Tech Rewind – 5 top trends of this year in the software development industry.

As a phenomenal decade is ending with 2019, the tech world is buzzing with the new electric cyber truck, wireless earpods, and camera packed phones. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning based solution...

Clutch Recognizes Impressive Full Stack Development Performance of Perfomatix Solutions
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Clutch Recognizes Impressive Full Stack Development Performance of Perfomatix Solutions

We are a technology company that offers full-stack development with a team set on becoming the most trusted technology partner for businesses around the globe. To accomplish this, we offer all kinds of IT solut...

Perfomatix Solutions named an industry leader!
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Perfomatix Solutions named an industry leader!

At Perfomatix, we are a talented team of developers, designers, and innovators, dedicated to delivering nothing but the best digital services to our clients. Our development services range from building better ...

Celebrating 5 Years of fast forwarding innovation!!!
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Celebrating 5 Years of fast-forwarding innovation!!!

We celebrated our 5th birthday in Singapore at the Meeting Point @ JTC LaunchPad, in the presence of our valuable clients, partners, advisors, and employees. A quinquennial is a long time. Few things in ou...

Perfomatix named a leading Developer & Designer in India
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Perfomatix named a leading Developer & Designer in India!

Trust and value Our mission at Perfomatix Solutions has always been to cultivate trust and value for our clients as their full-stack technology partner, regardless of the business, industry, or service. Especia...

Decoding GDPR - The Regulation that is choking your inbox with privacy notices
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Decoding GDPR – The Regulation that is choking your inbox with privacy notices

In few words, GDPR is a set of new rules that will control the export of personal data of EU citizens outside the European Union. It comes into force starting May 25th, 2018 and will have a transformative effec...

Our clients said they are happy, on Clutch
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Our clients said they are happy, on Clutch

In the modern digital world, strong online presence has become the mandatory criteria for credibility and brand image. At Perfomatix, we have always given prime importance to building a good online presence thr...