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Artificial intelligence and machine learning will play a more significant role in healthcare in 2020, helping medical professionals with everything from health screenings to AI-enabled note-taking. The healthcare system in the US alone generates approximately one trillion gigabytes of data annually. The enormous quantities of healthcare data and an increase in cheap, large-scale computing power together, raise the possibility that artificial intelligence and machine learning can generate insights to improve the discovery of new therapeutics and to make the delivery of current ones more effective.

Along with the actual implementation of AI & ML based healthcare solutions, increased investment activity is also expected in the coming decade. With powerful applications of AI and ML technology, a broader base of test cases will be available to collect valuable best practices information. AI is expected to become more mainstream in various clinical settings, creating a positive feedback loop of more evidence-based research and use in the field, disrupting the present healthcare systems.

Besides this, AI and ambient sensing technology will help re-humanize healthcare by allowing doctors and care providers to focus less on paperwork and administrative functions, and more on patient care.

As AI becomes more common in the healthcare sector, doctors’ examination rooms could be voice recognition enabled. The patients could talk about their health state, and doctors will be able to spend their focused attention on the patient, rather than entering data into machines. The future of doctor visits could be an AI-enabled automated clinical documentation.

The adoption of AI for common and high-value administrative functions such as the revenue cycle, supply chain, and patient scheduling solutions will also increase. AI can help automate or partially automate components of these functions, enhancing the financial outcomes of healthcare organizations. The mistaken fear that AI will replace doctors and clinicians has been diffused amongst healthcare professionals, and the goal now is to figure out how to incorporate AI as another tool to help physicians make the best care decisions possible – effectively augmenting the intelligence of the clinician.

What to expect in healthtech in the coming decade?

In the next few years, the healthcare sector will find a balance between being cautious in data handling and processing while supporting doctors to make the best decisions for their patients as they learn to trust the AI-powered suggestions and recommendations.

It will become hard to deny the fact that AI-driven predictive analytics has the advantages of reduced costs, decreased healthcare use, and lowered readmissions while increasing physical activity compared with usual hospital care.

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