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Why app maintenance?

Technology is always evolving, adherence to industry standards and meeting user demands guides the success of digital solutions. Applications and websites need constant monitoring from creating system specific updates, bug fixes, to adding new features and functionalities. Irrespective of whether your business handles a large audience or you are a startup – a fully equipped team to handle tech maintenance of your web and mobile applications can help you with longevity of your application and ensure continuous user engagement. At Perfomatix, we offer tech support and app maintenance solutions that are designed to guarantee effective elimination of existing problems, with the safety net of complete assistance in any technical glitches the app might face in the future.

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Accelerate app performance with our app maintenance service.

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Building and launching your app is only the first step. As soon as an application or website goes live – the responsibility shifts from developing to maintaining it. The number of obsolete apps removed by Google from the Play Store was near to 700,000 in 2019 itself. Investing in long-term maintenance saves your app from becoming obsolete. Just like with any other technology, all the external and internal functionalities of an app change over time. If it’s not well maintained, sooner or later it will crash and eventually be out of the market.

Our application maintenance service benefits

  • Experience-design

    Minimize Uninstalls

    We help you to make sure the applications are extremely user-friendly for the target audience, in every aspect and thus minimizing uninstalls.

  • 002-api

    Enhance User Experience & User Engagement

    We’ll make sure you have a sturdy application that have enterprise-grade scalability and encryption-based security with the best UI/UX features to ensure high user engagement.

  • Database

    Competitive Application

    Rely on us to design, build and deploy applications that are par with the industry standards. We’ll make sure your application is competent and deliver best performance throughout.

  • 005-web-programming

    Financial Benefits

    A well maintained application will be financially beneficial and offer more opportunities in the long run. We’ll make sure the application is equipped to handle growth in the future. 

  • 003-javascript

    Customer Satisfaction

    Your applications needs to keep the customer at the forefront in terms of app speed, interoperability, extended functionalities and rich interfaces. We’ll ensure these features are intact and rectify any shortcomings.

  • Quality

    Brand Value

    Our regressive quality assurance and security enhancements help businesses create a positive brand image of trust and reliability around the successive run of the application.


Our application maintenance service packages includes a ticketing system for processing all service requests and to catalog the issues. Based on your requirements, you can choose a yearly support package or specific support packages for one-time use. We also offer customiZed packages for specific maintenance support requirements, reach out to get your quote.

    Our highly skilled tech team will do a definitive verification of the usability, functionality and interoperability of the application. One-time complete verification of web or mobile applications and definitive analysis will be done.

    This package includes;

    • Code Review – overall source code analysis


    • Functional Testing – automated and manual testing of functionality


    • Interoperability – app performance across different platforms and devices


    • Comprehensive report with directives for improvement


    • Outcome based recommendations

    Optimization of the current application to enrich the user experience and one-time app upgrade for compatibility to latest OS Versions.

    This package includes;

    • Mobile app performance optimization


    • Code and UI analysis


    • Refactoring deprecated code 


    • Correct errors 


    • Improve the app interfaces and interactions


    • Upgrades to support different OS and devices


    • Application Upgrades and Patches installation


    • Error-proofing existing functionalities


    • Operational level support

    Our Quality Engineering team can find the risks and bugs in applications by a thorough analysis through the data infrastructure, the source code and UI responsiveness. Our team will provide detailed reports with QA recommendations to dispel risks associated with the present application.

    Our QA service includes;

    • Testing focused on root cause analysis


    • Compatibility Testing for device responsiveness


    • Performance Testing


    • Data Security Testing


    • Quality Control 


    • Comprehensive report with directives for improvement


    • Outcome based recommendations

    A user friendly UI is the basic requirement for the optimum performance of an application by engaging users and it improves user retention. Our UI/UX Design team can fix the frontend issues that your app has, and provide frontend enhancement to improve usability.

    Our UI/UX services include;

    • UX Strategy & Design


    • Interaction Design


    • Experience Design


    • Mobile App Design


    • Responsive Web Design


    • UI Usability Testing

    By availing this service, you receive ongoing support for a year for 20 hours monthly dedicated support. We will offer ongoing App enhancement and tech support which include;

    • Feature extension


    • Migration script and Backend server modification


    • Performance enhancement


    • Frontend enhancements


    • Security enhancement


    • App porting


    • Version upgrades to maintain compatibility with latest OS versions


    • Rewrite faulty code


    • Fix bugs and errors


    • Application upgrades and patches installation


    • Ticketing system for processing all service requests and to catalog the issues

    Cloud brings to businesses unlimited scalability at affordable costs. Perfomatix can be your chosen IT partner for cloud migration, deployment and managed services. Our DevOps based approach to computing will accelerate the pace at which your business applications are built and deployed on the cloud.

    Our Cloud and DevOps service includes:

    • Cloud Application Development


    • Cloud Migration


    • Centralized Log Management


    • Continuous Process and Infrastructure Development


    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Development

    We offer maintenance of website & web-based platforms to strengthen their existing structure while also providing tech support in enhancing the website.

    Our services focus on continuous improvement it includes;

    • Functional testing


    • Device compatibility testing


    • Bug fixes


    • Support and assistance for CMS


    • Code review and rewrite


    • Frontend enhancement


    • PHP maintenance


    • Custom CMS based websites


    • Custom developed web applications


    • Customized open-source platforms


    • SQL Database support and updates (SQL Server & MySQL)


    • Hosting Support & Migration


    • Backup Setups

Reach out to us to get customized Service Packages right now.

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