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How to accelerate your startup by hiring the right app developers

Taking a business from napkin sketch to thriving startup does not magically happen overnight. Entrepreneurs can toil for years in an effort to turn their idea into a cash-flow positive venture. For street smart entrepreneurs, there is one proven way to hack startup growth: outsource development at an early stage. Hire an offshore software development company like Perfomatix to do software product development.

Too often, entrepreneurs believe all development needs to happen in-house. They put off launching an MVP until they have hired a technical co-founder or at least one software developer. While others are launching successful startups from nothing more than an email list (can you say Groupon?), these entrepreneurs tinker away at their companies due to the false notion they need to maintain control of code development in-house. The fact is, when you partner with an outside development team, you are controlling your code. You can use peer reviews to guarantee the quality of the code. You can set milestone incentives and payments to ensure development happens at a rapid pace. Heck, you can eventually bring your outsourced development team in-house by making them business partners.

Successful startups like Slack, Skype, GitHub, Basecamp, Klout, and UpWork all utilized outsourced labor at least in part. Even world-renowned Alibaba depended on outsourcing to launch. If outsourcing worked for successful companies like these, don’t you think it could do the same for your startup? If you want further proof that choosing the right development partner early can help your startup grow, check out just a few of the numerous benefits you will enjoy:


Working with a development partner can get you from idea to product at a much faster rate than hiring in-house. When you do not have to spend time competing with the thousands of other startups attempting to hire software engineers, you can focus on other crucial tasks like market validation, growth marketing, customer acquisition, or even angel investor hunting. Working in partnership with a development firm lets you establish clear guidelines for product development without having to worry about training a new hire.


A product development partner can be invaluable in getting a minimum viable product out the door. You can develop a proof-of-concept, get your product into the hands of beta users, and start establishing traction early. Especially if you are considering raising growth capital from angel investors, traction is critical. An MVP developed with the right product partner can be the difference between startup success and failure.


When you partner with an outside development team you have an array of platform possibilities at your disposal. Instead of working with an in-house developer who has never coded with CouchDB, PhoneGap, or ReactJS, you can have your pick of possibilities when partnering with an experienced development firm. Want virtual reality, augmented reality, or IoT integrated into your development? Yes, that is possible when you build your startup with an experienced development partner. Choosing the right partner for your startup can take your proposed idea from ordinary and lackluster to groundbreaking and newsworthy.


Growing your startup in partnership with a top-level development partner lets you focus on critical tasks necessary for startup survival. If you are spending all your time recruiting/hiring/onboarding/training an in-house development team, you are not focusing on other crucial business aspects necessary for growth. From networking with startup press to building your brand via blogging, SEO, and social media, each component is necessary if you hope to attract new users and maintain ongoing growth. Think of working with an outside development partner as focus freedom. You are free to build your business and leave the coding to experienced professionals who are invested in seeing your business grow. Your success means more potential work for them; a prime partner will do everything in their power to ensure they surpass your expectations.

You can clearly see how important it is to choose the right development partner early. Working with an experienced team with multiple levels of expertise ensures the odds of success are stacked in your favor. Whether you want development informed by big data analytics or hybrid, cross-platform mobile technology, an experienced development partner can deliver the services you seek. If you want to accelerate the growth of your startup, connecting early on with a premium partner can make all the difference.

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