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30 Essential Tools for Angular Development

Angular is a TypeScript-based free and open-source platform for building mobile and desktop web applications developed and maintained by the Angular Team at Google. During a project cycle ( from start to end ) using a framework like Angular or even in a normal project, which creates web applications, we may face various challenges, requirements, dependencies, etc. There are some tools that are contributed by a community of individuals or developed by some companies. These tools help us during a project lifecycle in each phase of a project. Let’s see 30 such tools for Angular development that facilitate hyper-effective web app development using Angular.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code, also known as VS Code, is a popular source-code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is a smart editor for Angular which supports various tools, extensions, and auto imports which helps the development process efficiently.

Pricing: Free and open source.


One of my favorite tools in the list is Angular Fire, which effectively creates a backend environment for Angular developers. It provides flexible API, Rapid development capabilities, and 3-way data binding which help to improve the developer experience.

Pricing: Open source


JSFiddle is an online IDE service for testing and making use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code snippets, known as ‘fiddles’. This is useful when a user wants to test a particular code snippet/logic for an angular project. Even though it is based on javascript we can use this to test our application’s code with minimal change from typescript to javascript if needed.

Pricing: Free


Mocha is a JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and in the browser, making asynchronous testing easily achievable. Angular unit tests can be tested using this testing framework. Technically speaking Mocha is a javascript testing framework used to define our overall unit test by describing beforeEach and its functions. There are other functions like before, after, and afterEach also available in Mocha.JS.

Pricing: Open source 


Another IDE for angular development with intelligent coding options, error-detecting features, and navigation tools. WebStorm comes with a pre-installed Dart module.

Pricing: Not an open-source free IDE, but a free 30-day trial is available.

Angular Seed

Angular seed is an application skeleton used to quickly bootstrap the angular app projects along with the dev environment for these projects.

Pricing: Open source.


Karma is another popular testing framework for angular development. The AngularJS team created this tool. We can run our source code in any real browser using the CLI. Results are also displayed in the CLI. It requires NodeJS for its installation.

Pricing: Open source.


Do you know we can have an Angular Front-End dashboard template using a tool? Yes, the answer is BlurAdmin. BlurAdmin aims to bootstrap the development of your product and provide an ecosystem for building a prototype or even a production-ready application. 

Pricing: Free


Django and Angular frameworks combine to form Djangular. This tool provides better app integration with AngularJS. Improves security by enabling CSRF protection and JSON Vulnerability between Django and AngularJS. Djangular creates content per app, instead of a single massive AngularJS application. It offers namespacing AngularJS content per Django app.

Pricing: Open source

Angular Kickstart

If we need to speed up our AngularJS development with a complete and scalable gulp.js-based build system that scaffolds the project for us, then angular-kickstart will take care of the above-mentioned task.

Pricing: Open source 


An efficient web developer is one who knows all the sides of a web application ( FE, BE, DB, Server ). The MEAN stack is a set of technologies for developing web applications. MEAN is named after MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node, the four technologies that are essential for web development.

Pricing: Open source

Aptana Studio

Aptana, Inc. is a company that makes web application development tools which include Aptana Studio, Aptana Cloud, and Aptana Jaxer. It is one of the finest IDEs used for the quick development of websites. 

It has Git integration, a built-in debugger for the users to easily create websites and online apps.

Pricing: Open source

Angular IDE

An IDE tool that both beginners and experts prefer to use is Angular IDE. An IDE by CodeMix built specifically for Angular. It can even integrate with ng serve so that when we are working with your command line tools, the Angular IDE stays up to date even reporting errors.

Pricing: Not free


If our web app consumes data from RESTful API then Restangular is highly recommended. Restangular is a service that has requests like GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE with very little client code. 

Note: This version is for AngularJS (1).

Pricing: Open source


As we discussed above, Rest-Angular is only used for Angular 1 (AngularJS). For Angular 2+, we can use Ngx-restangular. It is the follow-up of the Restangular. GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE requests can be managed with a minimum of client code using Ngx-restangluar.

Pricing: Free

Angular Deck Grid

This is a lightweight masonry-like grid for AngularJS. CSS is useful for its visual representations. Give it a try.

Pricing: Free

This is one of the trending tools we need to use in our application if we are building it with Angular. @mentions and macros are commonly used in all websites and applications. So, to develop these it will have a dependency on jQuery. But using Ment.i.o, we can independently implement mentions and macros without jQuery integration.

Pricing: Open source 


Without any DOM and independent of any javascript framework, Jasmine plays a key role in asynchronous testing and front-end code testing. Jasmine uses Behavior-Driven Development as well as Test-Driven Development.

Pricing: Free


Do you need an efficient extension to develop or debug the application with cross-browser compatibility (at least Firefox, Chrome, and Safari )? ng-inspector paves the way. An auditor sheet is added to the browser to help in tracking the AngularJS applications.

Pricing: Open source


The developers who use state management in their applications need the Redux DevTools extension. This is because it helps in debugging the application’s state. It is mainly useful for Redux development workflow but you can use with any other architectures which handle the state.

Pricing: Open source


If our angular application has video requirements, the first thing to do is to use Videogular. Videogular provides an easy-to-implement HTML5-based video player for our design. It is basically a video application framework for desktop and mobile powered by AngularJS.

Pricing: Open source


Angular-gettext is a language translating tool which easily takes care of the translation process. This tool helps us to translate everything that is in English.

Pricing: Free of cost

Sublime Text

Another text editor tool that is considered the best by many developers is Sublime Text. It contains some basic packages which mostly help to work in an Angular application. Goto Definition and Goto Anything is some of the features in this editor.

Pricing: Open source


Nativescript is a framework, which is useful to create mobile applications for IOS and Android. But the Nativescript team worked with Google to make Angular in NativeScript a reality. So, building a mobile application using this tool makes the life of an Angular developer easy.

Pricing: Open source


Speak of the devil! We all remembered this important framework while reading about Nativescript. Yes, IONIC! Even though Nativescript helps to develop mobile applications, ionic provides a set of tools for building native iOS and Android applications, and mobile-ready Progressive Web Apps, using familiar web libraries, frameworks, and languages. A cross-platform native bridge named Ionic Capacitor allows you to convert any web project into a native iOS or Android mobile application.

Pricing: Open source

Onsen UI

A framework used to create native-feeling Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and hybrid apps. Onsen UI has a grid layout, platform, gesture and rotation detection, etc. It is framework agnostic, which means it is not dependent on any specific framework that we can use on any framework we want. 

Pricing: Open-source UI framework

Angular Meteor

Angular Meteor is nothing but a combination of both Meteor and Angular frameworks. Meteor is now synced in a way to use in an angular application. Angular is the most powerful tool for web development projects. Meteor is for creating apps that react to various events like chatbots or twitter-like apps. As a result, this combination definitely helps development.

Pricing: Open-source


Bazel is an advanced build and test tool which supports a lot of features suitable for large projects like multiple languages or multiple platforms support.

Pricing: Free software tool 

Web Server for Chrome ( 200 OK )

One of my favorite tools in developing an angular application, which serves web pages from a local folder over the network, using HTTP. It runs offline and helps us to mock the server from the local build without deploying it. 

Pricing: Open source


Last but not the least, Stackoverflow is one of the most useful and famous tools (website) used by all developers. It is a website on which programmers can ask questions. This is useful mainly for referring to old solutions and asking questions about new technical challenges. It is a fact that more than 50% of developers around the world get stuck if the Stackoverflow website crashes for some time. Angular developers may encounter this website at least once in their entire programming experience.

Pricing: Free

Next, let’s see some famous tools that are now depreciated (not to use).

  1. Generator Angular – Depreciated
  2. Protractor – Depreciated

Yeah, now we have come to an end. So, It is a must to have these 30 angular development tools to make the development process efficient and effective. So, If you are using the angular framework for your application’s development, make use of these tools which you won’t be regretting in the future.

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