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20 Must-Have Tools for React Native Development

React Native is widely used by businesses because of its efficiency, development speed, and low cost. It allows developers to develop top-quality applications quickly. 

Now, here are some of the best React Native development tools for developers to begin, scale, and finish the project development process.


It is a highly customized IDE (Integrated development environment) tool. With this, the developers will be able to improve the project coding. 

Nuclide has several significant features such as working sets, context view, remote development, health statistics, auto-complete, jump-to-definition, inline errors, and much more. All these features help in developing scalable and robust applications. 

Moreover, it has in-built support, which helps whenever you are stuck with any problem. It’s because it is backed by a wide range of developers. 


It is an open-source tool, which you can use for developing native apps for the web, iOS, and Android with Javascript, as well as React. 

Expo is designed in such a way that it provides help in development with a single codebase, which can support diverse platforms. Apart from this, it provides several other services. It includes detailed documentation, slack community, development tools, and community forums. 

It has an accelerometer, which responds to the changes happening in the acceleration. Moreover, it can access the APIs from devices (cross-platforms) and publish updates in real time. 

Expo also works on serving, sharing, developing, and publishing principles. 

Ignite CLI React Native Development Tool

It is a React Native boilerplate generator, which helps in adding up your own component boilerplates or choosing the project templates from the existing base. Ignite CLI has clear-cut behavior on the comprehensive documentation and command line. 

Note: Boilerplates are components, Usage Examples, Customizable Themes, and API Testing. 


It’s a cross-platform editing tool, which you can use on several platforms. The platforms are Linux, iOS, Windows, and Android. It has numerous themes, cross-platform, an in-built package manager, and much more. 

With this, the React Native developers will be able to include their preferred functionalities and features, which they can choose from diverse open-source packages. 


It is a static type checker for Javascript with which the developers lessens the useless syntax error. They do this by identifying the mismatched types before running them in the browser. Flow is popular as a debugging tool that helps developers code in a reliable and quick manner. 

This tool has a wide array of features including easy integrations, real-time feedback, custom type interface, and JS. 


It is a well-known desktop application, which is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows. Reactotron is used for React Native tooling and provides developers with real tracking features. 

Moreover, with this, the developers can maintain a proper track of application status, dispatch actions, and much more. 


It is a tool used for static code analysis, which identifies the problems in JS code easily. This tool is configurable. With this, the developers can define and load customized rules as per the project requirements. 

Additionally, it is one of the well-known debugging tools, which focuses on code quality, as well as coding style. 

Vim Editor 

It is a small text editing program, which is powerful, quick, and detects problems easily. Vim Editor can be managed without a mouse or menus. 

Moreover, it is a highly configurable IDE tool, which enables the developers to make changes in the text easily.

React Navigation

It is a React Native tool, which was designed to make the life of the developer easy. This tool helps in managing the presentation and ensuring smooth transactions. 

React Navigation is a straightforward navigation tool, which offers common stack navigation, as well as tabbed navigation patterns for Android and iOS. 


It is a JavaScript testing tool, which is ideal for unit testing of code. Jest is useful for projects, which make use of React, React Native, TypeScript, and Node among others. 

It gives an easy testing solution and it needs zero configuration. 

Moreover, it provides in-built code coverage reports independent of library support. This helps to streamline the testing process by using Snapshot testing.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code, also popular as VS Code is a source code editor. You can use this with certain languages such as JavaScript, Python, Go, Fortran, and C+/. It gives basic support for common programming languages. The support includes bracket matching, configurable snippets, syntax highlighting, as well as code folding. 

If you want you can extend this tool using extensions to get support for new themes, performing code analysis, languages, and much more.


It is a widely popular UI (user interface) tool, which is free to use. NativeBase is well-known as a sleek, ingenious, as well as utility-first component library, which allows the development of cross-platform iOS and Android mobile apps. It uses React Native generic components to do this. 

Additionally, this React Native developer tool can also aid developers to reap the benefits of cross-platform UI components, which will have a great impact on productivity.

Sublime Text 

When it comes to preparing React development projects, Sublime Text is one of the perfect text editors. It is a text editing tool for markup, prose, and code. This react native tool comes with several community-developed plugins, which are compatible with numerous markup and programming languages. 

It has numerous functionalities helping developers in creating responsive, cross-platform mobile apps easily. 

Microsoft CodePush

It is one of the most preferred React Native development tools. CodePush is a cloud service, which enables deploying apps immediately, as well as directly to the device of the users. 

It plays the role of a central repository. Moreover, the developers can publish the updates (JavaScript and images) instead of recompiling and revamping the complete binary.


It is an open-source JavaScript library, as well as a state container. When it comes to React Native development, Redux is useful for developing user interfaces. 

Here are the suitable cases for using this tool are:

  • If you’re searching for a single source of truth for your state. 
  • It is not enough to keep all the states in a high-level component. 
  • If there is a reasonable volume of data, which is changing over time. 

However, while using Redux, we suggest you use certain additional tools along with this. The tools include Deox and Redux Saga. 

  • Deox is used to diminish types of repetition, complexity, and verbosity & not to lose any info. 
  • Redux Saga is a middleware library, which enables managing asynchronous actions. It leverages ES6 features and as a result, the developers will be able to write, as well as test asynchronous code, which looks synchronous.


It is a typed superset of JavaScript, which is used to solve a problem. The problem is the lack of a type system in JavaScript leaves more space for bugs and as a result, developers lose time in resolving common mistakes.

The syntax of Typescript is ES-Next compliant and as a result, it can be considered a tool for type safety while working with JS. 


It is a dynamic debugging platform, which is useful for debugging applications built for Android, React Native, and iOS. This tool provides the capability to visualize, inspect, as well as control mobile applications from a simple desktop interface. 

Flipper is compatible with all OS platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. Moreover, it can also be used as an extended plugin API. 

React Native Debugger

If you’re searching for a tool to debug React Native mobile apps, then this tool is the first option that you should try. It is a standalone app developed for debugging React Native applications. 

React Native Debugger has the capability to inspect the visual elements on the screen and make essential changes. 


If you’re choosing React Native for developing an iOS application, then XCode is the best option. It’s because XCode is on Apple’s development environments for macOS and iOS. 

With this, you can develop apps on a custom configuration and install iOS packages to the app without any hassle. 


If you’re looking for a development tool to use for the backend of the apps, then Firebase would be one of the best options. It also helps you add certain amazing features to the applications easily.

Moreover, Firebase BaaS makes the React Native application development process fast. 

Final Note…

If you’re a React Native developer, then it is essential for you to get familiar with a suite of React Native development tools. 

Knowing about these tools makes development faster, easier, and bug-free. Choosing the right development tools will provide you with efficient and quality mobile app development. 

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