Real-time Customer Engagement Suite for web based businesses

Perfomatix ATOM is a real-time customer engagement and conversion platform for web based businesses.

Customizable Triggers

ATOM helps you create custom triggers based user behavior on your website. These trigger rules can fire real time alerts to notify you. The triggers could be anything from error conditions like Payment Errors, Search Failures etc to more complicated rules like cart abandonment.

Cloud Based Solution

ATOM is a completely scalable cloud based solution. So you don’t have to worry about installation, maintenance and infrastructure costs.

Multiple Engagement Options

ATOM supports multiple customer engagement options like proactive chat, push notification, targeted surveys, targeted offers and feedback forms. Now you have multiple tools to interact with your valuable customers in real-time!

Real time customer analytics

ATOM tracks key customer analytics data such as Customer demographics, Device identification, Page Visits History, Page Access Patterns, Referrer URL etc.

Actionable Analytics

ATOM captures actionable analytics based on the user behavior on your website. Knowing about your customers helps you to engage with them better and thereby providing a personalized customer experience!

Mobile Ready Solution

The analytics dashboard is accessible on mobile devices and the solution can track users who are connected to your website using a mobile device.

ATOM is a highly powerful customer conversion tool for web based businesses

No server side integration is required, No upfront procurement costs. Start on our 30 day trial and pay as you go if like the product. No credit cards required.

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