E-Commerce mobile app builder

About the Client The client has developed a platform over which an individual/trader can customise and make his own mobile app as per the client requirements. The motto behind the implementation of this technology is to simplify the app creation for selling of the products, as per the individual wish on the monthly subscription basis. [...]

Artificial Intelligence powered event monitoring

About the Client The client has an application that unifies monitoring, event management, and machine learning to provide actionable IT Operations Analytics. The Application thus helps to manage complex IT environments. About the Project The Client wanted to build an underlying technology stack to support their IT Service Management application. Challenges faced Build a system [...]

Inventory management platform for SIM cards

About the Client The client provides customized services to enable the deployment of global universal SIM technology connectivity and management. About the Project The client requirement is to develop a web-based platform for SIM order management and inventory management with the following features. User registration – Admin, Agent, Customer Customer Management – Agent can create, [...]

Online image editing tool

About the Client A free online image editing tool which offers artists and bloggers options to create, craft, print images for your home, business and parties. About the Project The client requirement was to develop an online image editing application with the following features: Subscription-based options to purchase images, arts, templates etc Purchasing of artwork [...]

Digital wealth management platform

About the Client An automated platform to simplify the investing needs of people. It eliminates unnecessary complexity and lack of transparency from investing. It helps to diversify the portfolio to over more than 10,000 different investments. About the Project The project is to develop a mobile app for smartly which could solve the following use [...]

Workforce management platform

About the Client A business retail service software, which helps to transform the retail business services through an online platform. The motto behind the project is to make such an online platform where multiple business giants can manage their employee’s, engagement of the customer, maintaining and highlighting their services. About the Project The client needed [...]

Social network for farmers

About the Client An online platform which supports farmers and keeps them up to date with all the general information about the agricultural world. The goal behind the app is to make sure that farmers will get all agricultural-related news, getting updated with all the policies of the government, get connected with fellow farmers of [...]