Online tutoring system

About the Client A team of Georgia Tech graduates with a passion for teaching and impacting the society started the company. The main aim of the project is to address the ongoing problem of low test scores in Georgia and help customize academic solutions for families, high schools & higher institutions of learning. The technology [...]

Real-time analytics customer interaction for websites

About the Client ATOM is a customer engagement and conversion platform which helps e-commerce and other web based businesses to improve customer connect and to provide a personalized customer experience. ATOM is a complete e-commerce website and a complete cloud based solution which provided a personalized customer experience. About the Project ATOM needed a complete [...]

Mobile crossword puzzle game

About the Client The app was developed to keep the brain active with lots of fun for game lover. WordQ puzzles, the jumbled crossword teaser, is a word game and brainteaser all in one which challenges your brain and gives you hours of fun. The game demands the user to rearrange the Scrabble-like letter tiles [...]

Social network for sports fans

About the Client The platform provides facility to know details about the current sports event. The motto behind developing this technology is to make such a sports community platform where the user can create an event and invite their friends to join and chat. About the Project The project is to develop a visually distinct [...]

Community well being solution

About the Client RedPepper (Blue Zones) is developing a project which will improve the wellbeing of the community and allow people to make a healthy choice. The primary goal behind RedPepper (Blue Zones) is to change the way people experience the world around them through impacting the environment, policy, and social networks. As a result, [...]