Machine Learning Solutions For The Digital Transformation Era

Perfomatix Dataramp AI platform sets the stage for you to build an AI system that will help gain deep insights out of high-velocity and high-volume data without compromising on security, scalability and flexibility.

A Solid Tech Stack

Made of robust tech stack that promises data security, real-time & batch data processing, high-indexed search, REST API and much more.

Built With Domain Expertise

AI systems need domain expertise to arrive at accurate predictions. Dataramp AI Platform enables that by providing inherent domain expertise for each industry.

Omni Channel Data-driven Functioning

Your data can come from anywhere, in any form and  any volume. Channel all them together before splitting them into the right buckets where the processing will happen for meaningful interpretation.

Cloud-high scalability

Made of robust tech stack that promises data security, real-time & batch data processing, high-indexed search, REST API and much more.

Launch once, run everywhere

Run your AI system on the web or mobile, on any channel where your customers or stakeholders would want to make use of AI predictions.

Smart ML Models

Trained or self-learning machine learning models that make sense of data patterns drawn from statistical conditions & real-time analytical conditions.

What can Perfomatix Dataramp AI platform help you with?

From making consistent decisions based on legacy data or data streaming in big data to make predictions with high assurance levels, Perfomatix can script a turnaround for your business operations.

Build Chatbots

Intelligent chatbots are turbo-charged with Artificial Intelligence that learn continuously from user inputs to deduce patterns and quicker dynamic responses.

Optical Character Recognition

Neural networks and deep learning based character recognition systems that can scan, recognize, search, archive or retrieve digitized data of images or patterns.

Anomaly Detections

Faster identification and detection of anomalies like structural defects, security threats, data errors, frauds, etc. with our ML based real time analytics platform.

Data-Driven Automation

Save time and enhance operational agility by automating recurring manual transactions with our data-driven machine learning as a service.

ML Recommendation Systems

Predictive Machine Learning systems with real time analytics solutions that can predict a user’s preference based on historical data analysis and recommend suitable suggestions.

Predictive Analytics

Optimize and unearth statistical patterns out of real-time or archived data using our Machine Learning solutions for predictive analysis.

Image Recognition

Online open source machine learning Systems that can recognize images, shapes, faces, objects, etc. by learning from previous tagged image records.

Streaming Data

A sturdy data streaming platform that can handle large volume of diverse data sets for sequential and incremental processing to arrive at more profound insights through data correlations, aggregations and so on.

Real-Time Analytics

Our data pipeline as a service model will enable you to have a pulse of user queries and responses with real-time analytics that show data in statistical graphs and charts.

Technology Stack

World-class coding platforms handpicked to create intelligent machine learning solutions.

Apache Kafka

Apache kafka’s open-source data streaming platform helps build real-time streaming apps data pipelines perfect for Machine Learning algorithms.

Apache Spark

Machine Learning needs to process data in large volumes. Apache Spark makes that possible with its built-in modules for Big Data processing and Machine Learning.


Tensorflow is a symbolic math library that helps analyze data for machine learning applications. It is available as an open-source software library for programming neural networks.


Hadoop is an open-source framework used for distributed storage and processing Big Data datasets. It uses the MapReduce programming model and is made up of several computing clusters made from community hardware.


Python is a favorite choice of dev community for general-purpose programming. It is regarded as a high-level programming language that is extremely flexible and allows develop concepts using user fewer code lines.

Sci-Kit Learn

Sci-kit Learn is a free software machine learning library for Python. It offers a broad range of Data Analysis and Mining tools that can be used for several scenarios. It is commercially available as an open-source tool with a BSD license for commercial use.


An open-source programming language that also doubles up as a software development environment for creating statistical computing and graphics.


Amazon’s home-grown API-driven Machine Learning offering that helps drive advanced AI projects in the form of fully managed services.

Azure ML Studio

Microsoft Azure’s ML Studio offers a visual authoring environment that simplifies developing & running ML models with the help of in-built open source libraries.

IoT Smart Water Monitoring System with ML based Predictions