Google duplex and how AI is becoming more human than before

Google’s I/O conference is usually a hotbed of innovations. But for 2018, Google literally blew the minds of enthusiasts not just at the venue but worldwide when it unveiled the Duplex an AI-powered conversational feature that would soon be a part of the Google Assistant we use in our phones as well as on Google […]

5 digital transformation technologies to watch out for this year

Today enterprises have realized the importance of having a digital business model to succeed in highly competitive and frugal consumer markets. A recent study about the State of Digital Business Transformation by IDG has revealed that on an average an enterprise can increase its business revenue through a digital model by around 23 %. Start-ups, […]

Android Architecture Components – A walkthrough

Android architectures components is a set of libraries and guidance for modern architecture. These components can combine to create a testable, and maintainable apps. The new Architecture Components help solve some of the more difficult problems that you may have faced when building your Android applications in the past. Android architecture components are:- Handling Lifecycle […]

Decoding GDPR – The Regulation that is choking your inbox with privacy notices

In few words, GDPR is a set of new rules that will control the export of personal data of EU citizens outside the European Union. It comes into force starting May 25th, 2018 and will have a transformative effect on how digital and social media business capture, store and use personal data of users, especially […]

Server-less Real Time Analytic Platforms: What ROI does enterprises gain from it

Serverless computing is not new to the tech world today. From the days of Netflix to modern day social media platforms like Instagram, some of the world’s most consumed web services rely on Serverless platforms for their daily operations. For beginners, Serverless computing is basically developing an application as a collection of computing components that […]

How AI is dominating smartphones and home devices

Google’s I/O 2018 asserts one thing – the next wave of smartphones will run on a generous amount of Artificial Intelligence. Not just Google I/O. Even the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC) also had conversations that were largely revolving around Artificial Intelligence. Major smartphones makers, led by Apple, Google, Samsung, and many others are creating […]

Top 8 deep learning frameworks to accelerate your AI journey

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning becoming an integral part of every enterprise’s digital journey, the choice of a deep learning framework is critical for mission success. Unlike traditional analytical programs, deep learning frameworks are made up of neural networks. They need massive amounts of labeled data, high-power computing environments and complicated data models with […]

How Big Data is empowering AI and Machine Learning

Together, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence create a synergy that can advance the digital transformation goals of an enterprise. Big data as a standalone technology has a might of its own to process large volumes of structured and unstructured data. Artificial Intelligence has touched base with all modern-day industries where scalable data analysis is required […]

What no one tells you about real-time Machine Learning

Long story, short: Machine Learning needs a torrent of transactional data which is labeled and accurate. Without these 2 elements, it cannot give accurate predictions. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence – the larger technology with promising industrial applications. There is so much of attention that this single piece of technology is receiving […]

Decoding the differences between Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Mobile-first used to be the war slogan of the tech giant until a few years ago. Now, AI-first has replaced the mobile strategy of businesses. Although we do not realize it, we are living in a world surrounded by AI-enabled personal assistants that do everything from fetching information from the Internet to playing music over […]